Client Board Meeting

We were approached by one of our clients to help them create a high-tech event that would help them showcase the influence of technology and social media. They also wanted a high impact presentation method that was different from the standard big screen or projection in a stage set.

The Project

Once we had seen the venue we had a big challenge with the amount of daylight in the room. Two whole sides of the room and a large centre section of the ceiling were made of glass. Although daylight in the room can be an unheard of thing for a meeting and it was a welcome change we had to find a solution that would work in direct sunlight based on the design of the room.

We decided very early on that a LED wall would be the best solution. But rather than just put a large rectangle of LED up we came up with the idea of breaking the wall up with smaller columns each side which the client could use to highlight key points of their slides. We provided the client with a template in Apples’ Keynote for their design team to be able to position background images and content across the wall layout.

Although we could do this fine planning with the client, we had a large number of outside guest speakers who would be presenting at this meeting. We decided the best solution was to use Picture-in-Picture technology to place their presentation on the main central screen which was framed by carefully selected background images which changed for each presenter.

The impact of presenters surrounded by their content was stunning and the clever use of content on the free-standing columns made this a unique event which exceeded the client’s expectations