Market Research Society Annual Awards

Every year the Market Research Society (MRS) hold their annual awards ceremony in London. They made the decision to change the venue and up the production levels to make it a very special evening for all attending. MRS approached us and asked to help them transform the Ballroom in the Westminster Park Plaza, London.

The Project

The Ballroom in the hotel has a slightly odd shape. To make the space work well for our client we squared it off using a 98ft wide wall of star-cloth. This gave us a glitzy backdrop to work with for the awards presentations.

We decided early on that we would complete the transformation with the most effective lighting setup possible. We achieved this with a solution that allowed us to illuminate the entire room in any combination of colours. By utilising the latest in LED and moving head lighting technology we were able to create different moods for the dinner, awards presentations and the finale DJ set, giving a feeling of progression to the evening. Using pinspots on all of the tables added to the feel of the evening as well making the table settings sparkle as people walked through. All of this combined with the truly spectacular shatter ball gave the wow factor the client was after.

We interpreted the awards design and logo into the stage set design, creating a backdrop that was on brand but not too dominant during the dinner. Into this backdrop we incorporated a striking awards table which illuminated the coveted industry awards. We also utilised the existing architecture in the room for sponsor and event banners. By placing them down the side of the room we maximised coverage for the sponsor without cluttering the stage area with graphics.

For the presentation of the awards we had 2 floating screens off to each side of the stage which the keynote presentation and camera relay were show on. These enabled everyone in the room to see the relevant content at all times.

By flying the sound system we were able to maximise the floor space available for the 600+ guests attending. This allowed for extra tables to be sold whilst still allowing comfortable seating for the guests and assisted the hotel in delivering top class service to the tables.

Our total time in the room was just 23 hours from the initial load in and rig to the final de-rig and load out, this could only be achieved through efficient planning and communication of all staff involved in the event, helping us deliver a memorable night for all attending.