Market Research Society Annual Conference

The challenge has never been greater for those who have a stake in better understanding consumers and citizens. Impact 2017 has been designed to help delegates rise to the new commercial, political and social realities. This testing landscape calls for a dynamic conference that gives attendees inspiration for change, intelligence for competitive edge, and strategies for tomorrow.

The Project

Over the last 18 years, we have worked with the Market Research Society (MRS) to produce the industry-leading research conference. One of the key elements for the look of the conference is how we incorporate each year’s conference branding into the stage set. This year the conference branding consisted of coloured crosses which we wanted to make pop on the stage. For this, we designed and built LED crosses in-house. These were housed in a black aluminium housing to blend in with the stage set. We also built full RGB colour mixing into them and over the course of the 2 day show the crosses would subtly change colours which made the set feel dynamic without being distracting for the audience.


To be as efficient as possible with equipment for this conference we run a split main room. The main stage set is 80 feet wide with projection, lighting and PA system. These are run by 2 separate systems which link together when we run the room as one. We can then remove the centre logo panel and the centre stage block to allow the hotel to bring in the airwall. We then unlink both rooms and run them as individual break-out rooms with their own technical crew. Over the 2 days, we made this change 8 times which with the addition of a 3rd room in the venue allows us to run 26 sessions supporting 117 presenters for over 800 delegates.