National Back Exchange

The NBE Conference & Exhibition brings together an influential group of people and visitors to learn, debate, network and reflect and is the key event in the manual handling calendar. It offers the best opportunity to meet within a multidisciplinary environment, those working to promote the health, safety and welfare of staff and patients including manual handling practitioners, back care advisers, ergonomists, academics, therapists, nurses, occupational advisers, social care and industry all in one venue.

The Project

The National Back Exchange holds an annual conference which Missing Link has been working on now for over 15 years. We provide a full production solution which covers the main room and a large number of breakout rooms.

Having produced many different stage set designs over the years it’s always a great challenge for us to give them something that looks fresh and comes in on budget. The clients logo is always a feature on the stage set and the blue and yellow needed to be prominent. The issue with lighting can be that when you put 2 different colours next to each other they can blend and mix. As this was not something we wanted we needed a way of separating the colours. By simply bringing the logo panels out from the stage set with return panels we were able to create defined colours across the stage set without any colour mixing. The different lighting states triggered by us gave the audience a clear indication of the change between walk-in and show time.