ChamSys QuickQ

We had been on the lookout for a lighting console that allowed us to do more than our previous ones whilst allowing for quick setup. We had been looking at more advanced systems. Chamsys’ MagicQ system was extremely powerful and widely used throughout the industry. Then they released the QuickQ series of desks which are based on the MagicQ¬†system but allow for quick and easy setup for when time is limited whilst still giving us the power and flexibility we need.

With built-in effects and simulated gels from major brands through to remote access by tablet or phone for easy setup, everything about this desk has been designed to get shows up and running very efficently.

As ChamSys is now owned by Chauvet lighting we also¬†get first-party support for our growing stock of Chauvet lights with this desk giving us the most compatible lighting setup we’ve ever run on our shows.