DB Technologies DVA Mini Line Array

As speaker technology has improved over the years line-array systems have become more and more popular. With audiences sizes and areas needed to be covered increasing for us, we decided it was time to look into a compact line-array system.

We had some major considerations when looking for a system.

It had to sound good.

It had to be easy to set up.

It had to be light

The DB Technologies Mini DVA was one of the few systems that ticked all the boxes for us. The boxes sound great when paired with the DVA KS10 18 inch subwoofer. The rigging system is probably the quickest we’ve ever seen or used before and with the built-in amplifiers set up is simple and fast. Finally, this system is light. two mini DVA boxes are just a little more than 1 box from the competitors. This allows us to keep our overall weight down for transport, reducing costs to the client. It also allows us to hang more boxes in venues with low weight loading.


A great package which has already been used on awards shows and conferences giving great coverage and sound which our clients love.