We are excited to add a significant new array of premium loudspeakers to our stock following the arrival of the new Martin Audio FlexPoint Series at Missing Link HQ. In addition, we have complimented the FlexPoint6 and FlexPoint8 speakers with the equally impressive Martin Audio SX Series of subwoofers to really deliver the exceptional Martin Audio signature sound experience.

With state-of-the-art acoustic design and technical innovations throughout, the FlexPoint Series sets a new benchmark in performance and versatility for compact, standalone loudspeakers. FlexPoint systems deliver the very highest quality sound to match the expectations of prestige venues and top-flight touring artists, while their passive two-way configuration heeds the need to reduce running costs and amplifier count – monetary and spacial savings we’re sure our clients will love. FlexPoint loudspeakers are compact and discreet – providing ultimate clarity, detail and coverage at all sound levels without affecting sight lines or detracting from venue architecture.

Martin Audio’s SX Series of subwoofers are designed to meet a multitude of installation and live sound application needs that call for increased impact and low frequency performance. Notably, the the Martin Audio SXC115 is a compact, high performance cardioid subwoofer, featuring a 15” forward facing driver and a 12” rear facing driver. This keeps low frequencies away from stages and walls as well as reducing reverberant energy in the room — greatly improving the low frequency response accuracy and impact of the whole system. So good, we purchased two.