New Canon Projectors

Here at Missing Link we continually invest in new equipment and are always on the lookout for something that might just stray from the norm. Canon’s new XEED projectors seem to fit that bill and we were interested to see how they performed against other more expensive competitors. We decided a shoot-out would be a good way and ran them against Panasonic’s new and impressive laser light source DLP projectors. On paper, it wasn’t a fair fight with the Canon at 6000 ANSI lumens and the Panasonic at 8500. What surprised us was the Canon was just as bright with better colour reproduction. It is also about 1/3rd the size of its competitor making setup easier and due to the smaller size, it makes for a tidier setup when flown above the audience.


We have run these new Canon projectors on a number of events for clients and the response has been great. They love the bright and detailed images from it which helps everyone in the audience see the content. They also love how small it is when rigged on a truss compared to our previous projectors.