New Chauvet EVE fixtures

We are always on the lookout for new products that disrupt the industry and after testing Chuavet’s EVE range of wash and profile fixtures we were immediately impressed. Putting them up against competitors’ lights and even against Chauvet’s own more expensive Pro range, these lights outperformed most of them. Light output¬†from these fixtures is very impressive with high refresh rate LED’s eliminating any flickering for events with live camera relay. The compact and lightweight design helps in venues with lower weight loadings for rigging, giving the option to add more lights than we previously could. Also, the fanless design keeps any unwanted noise down for corporate events.

Chauvet EVE E-50Z

With the introduction of the warm white, RGB and UV wash fixtures we can now cover more options for the events we produce. But it’s the EVE E-50Z profile that has finally¬†allowed us to offer a full LED lighting solution on our events keeping power consumption down and our commitment to more efficient equipment.