Filled with pro features to take on any modern production, the Roland V-160HD sets a new standard in hybrid event switching. Freshly unpacked at Missing Link HQ, the V-160HD enables us to connect with live audiences in Full HD with comprehensive SDI and HDMI I/O and simultaneously stream to any popular web platform via USB-C.

This broadcast-quality unit includes an eight-layer video effects engine, a 40-channel digital audio mixer offering studio grade sound, and integrated PTZ camera control, plus next-generation cue management and live show automation features that make tough production tasks simple. With up to four picture-in-picture windows, downstream key layers, 16 still store slots with transparent PNG image support, audiences will remain engaged with visually appealing content.

Roland V-160HD Streaming Video Switcher

The V-160HD combines the robust hardware needed to flawlessly execute live productions with the livestreaming capabilities found in computer-based systems,  delivering the pro essentials needed for both the in-person and streaming components of a live hybrid event, complete with the ability to tailor the content for each audience.

In addition, the V-160HD is neatly housed with a superb 4K monitor within our custom-built, portable flight case resulting in a broadcast-style unit that’s easily handled by a single operator.

With the power of the V-160HD’s sequencer (and a couple sprays of Lynx Africa), we can tackle the most complex events without ever breaking a sweat.