If you have been reading these news items from the edge of your seat, you will have seen that we have been significantly investing in high quality lighting equipment to elevate our clients’ events to an exceptional level. All here at Missing Link HQ have been genuinely giddy with excitement in preparation for the next addition to our growing and impressive stock of lighting gear. Enter the Showtec Phantom 12R Hybrid moving head.

From the high-end line of lighting fixtures offered by Showtec, the Phantom 12R Hybrid is a bright and versatile 300 watt hybrid moving head with a seamless transition from Beam to Spot to Wash. It is equipped with motorised zoom, generating a beam angle from 2.2° to 48.8°, focus, frost and strobe function. Two overlapping prisms of eight and 24 facets can be used simultaneously, creating dazzling projections. Together with the motorised zoom and/or prism, a metal gobo wheel with 17 static gobos and a second gobo wheel with eight removable, rotating glass gobos plus open, it is possible to create numerous unique gobo morphing effects.

Tight, focused beams and a wide gobo projection to a soft wash effect, the 12 dichroic colour wheel plus white provides the necessary lively colours to enhance the stunning and dynamic effects created by these superb moving heads.

These soon-to-be client favourites are now in stock and ready to bring the WOW factor.