Upgraded syndicate room kits

Over the summer we decided to upgrade our syndicate room kits by starting over and replacing everything. We wanted a kit that would have a bright projector for those rooms with bigger audiences and one that would be able to cope with different lighting levels in the room. The screen needed to have a great even surface that would look good when installed. and we needed a small speaker that would help increase volume for videos people like to show.

Panasonic’s PT-VW530 bright 5000 ANSI Lumens projector with HDMI and legacy VGA connections enable us to work with modern laptops but also still plug in older ones some speakers might bring with them to present from.

Panasonic Projector

Celexon widescreen pull-up screens, with easy height adjustment on a cantilevered system and one of the highest pull-up screens on the market, this screen allows us to get the screen up high enough for people at the back of the room to see the content

Celexon Pull-up Screen

The Box Pro powered speaker for video and music playback. We also provide a DI box from Radial in each bag which stops unwanted buzz that some laptops emit when plugged into speakers

The Box Pro Speaker

Included with each of the kits we have signal and power cables with gaffa tape supplied to avoid any trip hazards. All of this comes packaged in a custom bag with compartments for all components (excluding the screen) which enables our technicians to quickly deploy and set up breakout rooms.